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Anita Coles

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Anita has a Bachelor's in Social Work; two Master's, one in Science of Education and the 2nd Master's in Early Childhood Studies, and one year away from obtaining a Doctoral Degree in Early Childhood Education. Anita has over 14 years of childcare and preschool experiences; has over 17 years of working with children with special needs and developmental delays. In case it isn't obvious by now, Anita loves working with children and their families.  For extra fun, Anita loves to play music; dance; play with her pets; meet new people, and travel. 

Hello, my name is Sara Coles and I am one of the assistant teachers here at Little Steps New Beginnings. I have been here at Little Steps since 2009, I am certified in the required 45-hour training for all daycare establishments as well as CPR. I have always loved working with children of all ages, as an assistant teacher and it is my mission to bring a comfortable, loving and educational environment here at Little Steps. The children I work with every day all help me to improve to become a better teacher for them and other children in the future. Most of all, to be one of the most positive role models for them.

SARA Coles

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