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New Beginnings/Childcare/Preschool/Pre-K Program LLC will operate under the philosophy that ALL children are unique and that they are our future. The children have the right to be nurtured, recognized, and respected as individuals. With the right to be taught, to explore, to learn at their own pace, to use their imagination with a free spirit (without physically or mentally harming themselves or another individual). Lastly, every child has the right to resources and educational tools to provide the opportunity for success in all areas of development.

New Beginnings/Childcare/Preschool/Pre-K Program LLC will also operate under the philosophy that EVERY family is unique. Those children view their primary caregiver as the center of their world. We STRONGLY encourage every family to participate with some of the Little Steps-New Beginnings/Childcare /Preschool/Pre-K Program LLC's activities. Part of our functions for the parent will be for the parents to fill out our Annual Childcare Surveys. Filling out these surveys will help our childcare, our community, our staff, and to provide the highest standards of childcare services for your child better.

Our program will provide an environment that will help build trust and to establish collaborative partnerships and relationships. Our program supports a variety of services such as trips to the public library, history museum, family nights, show and tells, opportunities to share family cultural rituals, beliefs and values,  and access to reading materials.



Little Steps-New Beginnings/Childcare/Preschool/Pre-K Program LLC 's sole operation is to provide a loving and educational home away from home environment for children who need to be apart from their primary caregivers. We work with a variety of kids in different age ranges. We work with infants up until 12-year-olds. We provide care for children with special needs.